Objectives of the project

   To develop industrial hemp cultivation standards

   To research, experiment, and improve the suitable cannabis strains in Thailand. It will begin with local strains and strains that contain the same amount of THC (tetrahydro cannabidiol) according to regulatory laws.

   To process hemp seeds by extracting them into hemp seed oil, omega 3,6,9, hemp seed flour, and other products.

   To process organic matter (Biomass), roots, leaves, flowers by extracting them into CBD Oil, CBD Isolate.

   To process the waste fibers by making them into food containers instead of plastic bags and foam box.

  To research and experiment on making health food supplements from Hemp and Herbs in a modern form with safety and GMP standards.

  To build a career, generate income in industrial hemp, and is an alternative economic crop to replace cassava.
   To be a comprehensive industrial hemp education center for other community enterprises and those who are interested.

   To establish a center for the production of high-quality and legal industrial hemp strains.
   To be a source of hemp extracts and herbal extracts as a raw material with international standards to factories in the downstream industries both in Thailand and overseas.


Hemp cultivation pattern



       Green House


         Smart Fram ( Outdoor )



Schematic of hemp processing


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