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ENERGROW NEWS : Nowadays, the awareness of 'cannabis' is getting more and more attention. After Thailand legally allowed the use of hemp for medical and scientific research purposes. Since February 2019
almost a year has passed The Ministry of Public Health also announced another step to unlock the law in December 2020 by allowing the general public to use hemp's roots, branches, stems and leaves as raw materials for food and beverage preparation. except inflorescences and seeds which are still reserved for medical and research use only. Hemp and various menus are therefore created as a selling point.
There is also an unlocking of hemp that allows all sectors to grow and obtain permission to use hemp for all purposes. But there is a condition that must be obtained from Planting locations in countries that have been authorized only. (The difference between cannabis and marijuana is measured by the level of the intoxicating substance, or THC. Hemp contains more than 1% THC in leaves and bouquets, but if THC exceeds 1%, it is considered cannabis.)

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