The benefits of hemp stems

Last updated: 18 Apr 2022  |  1821 Views  | 

ENERGROW NEWS : Today we have some knowledge about the benefits of hemp stems.
- The bark from the trunk gives fibers to be used to make yarn and rope. used for weaving Making clothes, etc. It is also used in various rituals and used as the shoes of the dead to travel to heaven. Used to make a holy thread in various ceremonies and used in Huaneng ceremonies or coronation ceremonies. which is an important tradition of the Hmong people
- The flesh of the trunk that has been peeled off can be made into paper.
- The core of the hemp plant has the ability to absorb odors. water or oil well Abroad, it is commonly used to produce biomass in various forms such as charcoal, alcohol, ethanol, methanol. In addition, hemp core is also used to produce products for building decoration and furniture.

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