hemp seeds benefits

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ENERGROW NEWS : Today we have some tips about the benefits of hemp seeds.
- Seeds are used as food for people and birds. The collected hemp seeds can be used to extract the oil for cooking. which the study found The oil from the seeds is very high in omega 3. It also contains omega 6, omega 9, linoleic acid, alpha- and gamma-linolenic acid, and vitamins such as vitamin E. Beneficial for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. and help reduce the incidence of cancer in the body
- - Oil from the seeds can be used to make dry cleaning oils, make soaps, cosmetics, sunscreens, shampoos, soaps, body lotions, lipsticks, lip balms or even fuel. It was developed into a moisturizing and nourishing hemp oil cream formulation to treat dry, itchy skin. and psoriasis that works well
seedIn addition to giving oil It was also found to be very high in protein. It can be used to make many different products such as butter, cheese, tofu, agricultural protein, milk, ice cream, salad oil, snacks, food supplements, etc., or it can be a good substitute for soy flour. In the future, it may be used as an alternative to soybean, which is a GMO crop.

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